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Unconventional wisdom is about taking a second look at views that are taken for granted. Views which, in the busy and chaotic times we live in, are often left unexamined. Unconventional wisdom is about reflecting on life and speaking out about things we disagree with, no matter how unpopular those views might be.

Opening our minds can be a scary experience. The familiar is comforting. But reflecting on life and being open to considering other views makes life richer and more fulfilling. You’re already on this site, so you must be someone thoughtful and interesting, for sure 🙂 We will never all agree on everything, but we can at least have some friendly debate.

We live in a world of trolls and idle death threats from anonymous idiots: as a result, the authors of posts on this site will remain anonymous (unless they choose not to be). If you wish to submit a post on a piece of unconventional wisdom, please send it in via the contact form. It will be more likely to be accepted if it contains logical arguments and references.

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This blog has no commercial aims: the aim is to promote reflection, discussion and awareness.